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Their Favourites - Fran and Ben at Bury Court Barn

Time for Part III of the 'Their Favourites' feature.  This time its Fran and Ben at the amazing Bury Court Barn.  Fran and Ben got married back in September so they've had some time to let the photos 'sink in'. The Barn was perfect and the weather held just long enough to get everything I was looking for.  A great day for everyone. "This was very hard and I'm still not 100% sure! There are many faves. Plus Ben is away so these are purely my...

Bury Court Barn Wedding - Laura and Chino

Bury Court Barn plays host to North meets South. It's like when East meets West. Only different. In this case we have Laura who heritage puts her firmly in the realm of the British mainland. Then we have Chino. His heritage is a bit different. Roll on West Africa and Nigeria. I love an international wedding. So many cultural ideas being mixed into one. A respect for a different way of doing things. They largely stuck to their roots. Laura in her...

Laura and Jon - Sneak Preview from Bury Court Barn

I'm all about the bass!  Or something like that.  Yes, its the start of spring (close enough) and with that comes the start of Wedding Season (no...duck season - bonus points if you get it).  What better place to start it off than Bury Court Barn and the wedding of Laura and Jon.  Blue is the colour, or should I say Bluh.  Yes, a crafty play on Jon's last name and the scene was set.  Although he did wear a Bluh (sorry blue) suit.  I had a...

Maria and Ulises - Wedding at Bury Court Barn

Summer seems an age ago. The blue skies and fluffy white clouds a distant memory. Especially with the howling wind and driving rain hitting the glass of my office window. A time when going outside meant wearing less clothes and not more. Given that let today be a homage to the summer of 2014 and a yearning from the summer to come. This is a little diddy...not about Jack and Diane but rather Maria and Ulises. A couple from seemingly opposite ends of...

Rebecca and Iain - St Andrews Farnham and Bury Court Barn Wedding

A picture of calm.  I don't always think that when I arrive at the bridal prep for a wedding but that the first thing that went through my mind on Saturday.  Rebecca is a totally organised being.  Even the night before I got a text to tell me which room she and the rest of the girls would be in.    The first thing I see when I walk is the most beautiful little girl (I'll exclude my own little beautiful girl from that naturally) I have seen. ...

Hayley and Russell - Bury Court Barn Wedding Photography

What a lovely day it was.  The end of June the last few years was always a risk with the weather.  June is like a box of chocolates (said one great philosopher)...you never know what you're gonna get.  Hayley and Russell played the gamble and this time, it paid off.   Big style.  No one really saw the heatwave of 2013 coming.  After a less than amazing start to the year there wasn't a lot to look forward to.  But it all changed just before...