Hayley and Russell – Bury Court Barn Wedding Photography

What a lovely day it was.  The end of June the last few years was always a risk with the weather.  June is like a box of chocolates (said one great philosopher)…you never know what you’re gonna get.  Hayley and Russell played the gamble and this time, it paid off.   Big style.  No one really saw the heatwave of 2013 coming.  After a less than amazing start to the year there wasn’t a lot to look forward to.  But it all changed just before the wedding.  Maybe its the good luck charm of Bury Court Barn because my last wedding there in May was also pretty darn hot too.  Hayley and Russell are special.  Mind you, all my clients are special.  What made this special was that I was at a wedding last June and when I got to the evening reception I saw this couple arrive.  I felt like I knew them but to be honest I think I know everyone.  When you see as many people as I do its a wonder I haven’t met everyone in the south of England.  I kind of put the ‘meeting’ to one side until we all kind of had that same ahah moment at the same time.  I was, strictly by chance, their wedding photographer.  I was also the photographer for the day, the photographer for a cousin.  All without ever knowing there was a connection.  I excuse myself for taking a few minutes to work it out because we only met initially at a Bury Court open day.  It was a lovely surprise.  More lovely was the amazing day that they had.  The weather, the people, the barn, the light.  Good fun, good people, good times.

Seriously…we feel the same way little guy (image by Darren)

A motto to live by (Darren)

I’m only perplexed by the fact that he’s already wearing his wedding ring…things that make you go hmmm (Darren)

One of the finest venues around…Bury Court Barn

She remembered when I said I hated dull plastic hangers for wedding dresses…bless!

Blast from the (not so distant) past

Dribble view

Well…she didn’t shield MY eyes did she 🙂

Darren loves guests (Darren…obviously)

It seemed a odd time to play rock, paper, scissors

Mine to left of you, Darren’s to the right (here I’m, stuck in the middle with you)

No caption will be that!

Crotch cam

Its a group effort (some me, some D)

That’s a damn fine venue!

See no evil

Taking it all a little too seriously 🙂

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