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Landscape Challenge - Day 5 - Around the South

Today's Landscape Challenge takes in spaces a lot closer to home.  I didn't have a whole gallery of items from the same around so I've expanded the coverage to include Hampshire, Surrey and Somerset.   Its simply a celebration that all of the English summer has to offer (albeit short...just like the English Summer. So here is my 'offering' to the landscape challenge.  Just off the A272 looking back toward the church steeple of Privet,...

Landscape Challenge - Day 4 - Fightertown UK

"I feel the need...the need for speed!!!" If that phrase conjures up something for you then I guess you might know where this is heading.  No, not to Miramar in Southern California but to someplace altogether different.  I'm referring to the Mach Loop in North Wales.  A particularly challenging yet visually stunning landscape used to help train British pilots as well as those in Allied forces. The Mach Loop is set of valleys between Dolgellau...

Landscape Challenge - Day 3 - The Gower

Day Three is a here and if you're just joining in you may want to check out Day 1 and Day 2.  Not only for some fantastic (if I can say that about my own images) but also to at least get the point of what the Landscape Challenge is all about. Selection three comes from the Gower near Swansea in Wales.  Its a unique landscape with some amazing sandbars and rugged coast line.  However, this installment might enrage some of the landscape purists. ...

Landscape Challenge - Day 2 - Mont Blanc

Hopefully you are up to speed with Day 1 of the Landscape Challenge.  If you are, great, if not you might want to pop over here first. Yesterday we visited the Lake District.  Today we are a bit further south in the Alps.  More specifically Mont Blanc and Chamonix.  This was a unique trip all around.  I was able to attend a wedding in France and see it through the eyes of a guest.  Always challenging letting go of the desire to shoot. ...

Landscape Challenge - Something a Bit Different

As a photographer I'm guessing you know I don't exist in isolation.  Whilst photography is my business I also get the opportunity to indulge in it as a hobby too.  I may lack the enthusiasm to discuss the latest and greatest kit (as most of it is just fluff aimed at extracting cash from the unsuspecting) but I don't lack the desire to take a great image or go looking for amazing images when I get the chance.  Earlier this week a friend of mine...