As a photographer I’m guessing you know I don’t exist in isolation.  Whilst photography is my business I also get the opportunity to indulge in it as a hobby too.  I may lack the enthusiasm to discuss the latest and greatest kit (as most of it is just fluff aimed at extracting cash from the unsuspecting) but I don’t lack the desire to take a great image or go looking for amazing images when I get the chance.  Earlier this week a friend of mine tagged me in ‘The Landscape Challenge’ on Facebook.  Think of the Ice Bucket challenge except its for landscape photography and you post seven times.  The bonus is you don’t get wet.  Since Facebook is a closed platform I decided I would share my Landscape Challenge photos here as well as Facebook.  A chance for you to see something non wedding related and see how I see the world around me minus a Bride and Groom.

Today (day 1) is an image I took at Buttermere in Cumbria.  The Lake District is one of my favourite locations in the world.  Relatively speaking its small (compare it to the Alps) but in that small area are some of the most visually stunning locations on the planet.  Buttermere is one of them.  Its not a particularly large lake.  In fact, on the day I took this I had already been for a run around it (around 5k) before I ventured back to my car to put on my hiking boots and grab my camera.  As I started my ‘photo exploring’ I came to one end and just enough light emerged from the clouds to light the end I was nearest.  However the threatening clouds and darkness behind it stayed creating an amazing view I’ll never forget.  Landscape photography (similar to wedding photography) has everything to do with finding the right conditions.  Where the ying and the yang match up and something incredible happens.  This was one of those moments in light.

Buttermere landscape photography

Of course there were lots of other photographs taken on this trip.  Each year myself and few of my best friends (all photographers) meet up and go someplace rugged to indulge in friendship and photos.  So I reckon its worth looking at some of the other images I liked from this trip as well.  Here they are: