Lucy and Neil – Lulworth Castle Wedding Photography

Today I write this and its raining.  Let’s be honest, its been a pretty good summer.  When Lucy and Neil got married (back in the beginning of July) we were all just getting used to the high temperatures and blazing sunshine.  This would be my first ‘hot weather wedding’ of the summer.  I was let in gently though.  The back ‘lawn’ of Lulworth Castle sweeps down directly to a cove on the sea.  Despite this being probably more than a mile the cool sea breeze works its magic all the way up and kept what would could have a been a still and hot castle very active and refreshing.  Lucy and Neil laid on the garden games, which something seem to almost be ignored.  But their guests were in the mood to play so everything was getting the attention it deserved.  Swing ball was great to photograph…took some time to get the timing right on my part as I don’t normally shoot ‘sports’.  Lucy got ready at the Priory in Wareham, a delightful market town only blighted by the fact that a car park ticket from the one area isn’t valid 100yds down the road because its council and the one I moved to was town.  I think the parking guy loved telling me that.  I was less than amused.  Why did  you need to know that?  You didn’t but its Sunday morning and my juice of a thousand vegetables is kicking in and I’m on fire with mental acuity.  Speeches were just fantastic with Lucy’s Mum doing the traditional Bride’s speech.  The tandem act of best men worked hard on entertaining and delivered expertly.  We learned all about Chinese takeaways and all things Uni.  The night had the joys of a fantastic band who only that morning had just flown in from Korea after performing there the day before.  All the best of Lucy and Neil for the future.

It happens every week…..

…YouTube and ‘how to tie a cravat’

The detail in Lucy’s dress was stunning….backlight baby

This would have been really apt…in October 🙂

Who is the peeping Tom on the left?

I do love a good MUA who puts the Bride in great light…

Laura Ashley – Lucy Happy

The white gloves do it for me 🙂

Castle…with added Land Rover for extra flavouring 🙂

I love that we can see the smoke

Was a little perplexed by the homemade Jenga that was four planks across.  Umm…surely that doesn’t work.

Umbrella for a different reason…thankfully

Two sides to every forehand smash

For the first time in possibly years…first dance, no flashes

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