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Lucy and Neil - Lulworth Castle Wedding Photography

Today I write this and its raining.  Let's be honest, its been a pretty good summer.  When Lucy and Neil got married (back in the beginning of July) we were all just getting used to the high temperatures and blazing sunshine.  This would be my first 'hot weather wedding' of the summer.  I was let in gently though.  The back 'lawn' of Lulworth Castle sweeps down directly to a cove on the sea.  Despite this being probably more than a mile the...

Nikki and Brett - Caephilly Castle Wedding Photographer

Why is that I went to a wedding in Surrey at the end of March and there were more Welsh there than my wedding in Caephilly Castle...which, is actually IN Wales.  Maybe I'm being too much of a stereotype and deciding that in order to be Welsh you have to have an accent.  Which is wrong as one of my best mates is from Wales and has a Surrey accent.  I digress. So.  It was time to shoot Nikki and Brett's wedding.  Loyal blog followers will now that...