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Lucy and Neil - Lulworth Castle Wedding Photography

Today I write this and its raining.  Let's be honest, its been a pretty good summer.  When Lucy and Neil got married (back in the beginning of July) we were all just getting used to the high temperatures and blazing sunshine.  This would be my first 'hot weather wedding' of the summer.  I was let in gently though.  The back 'lawn' of Lulworth Castle sweeps down directly to a cove on the sea.  Despite this being probably more than a mile the...

Lucy and Neil's Humanist Wedding at Lulworth Castle

Riding on a dark horse our valiant Groom Neil rescues his Princess Bride Lucy from the clutches of the evil dragon of conformity. Ok, it was a Jaguar and he arrived at the castle first...but don't split hairs. They did steer clear of convention. A humanist ceremony, sharing the same wedding car of a friend and the best bit of garden games I've seen at a wedding in ages. The best bit is that guests actually played with them. Result. After a...

Lindsay and Jonny - Amazing Wedding at Lulworth Castle

One of the principles I've always worked on was that every wedding gets blogged.  Its my job as a professional to bring every wedding to life for both the couple and you, the viewer (obvious exceptions are those couples that don't want it and I always respect their wishes).  However, sometimes life gets in the way and for a whole host of reasons I missed out a few.  You have to believe me when I say that it was never a personal thing.  Never...

Lindsay and Jonny - Lulworth Castle Wedding Photography

Wow. Did I say 'Wow'? I mean wow. What a great day. This is one of those days that live in your memory for ever. Not just because it was an amazing wedding. Not just because you had the most wonderful, gentle and kind couple. Great family and fun friends. A stunning location, fabulous weather, a fantastic plan. All those things are...well...amazing. But today was amazing for what it meant to me. I look back to a wedding many years ago. ...