Hyun and Pete at The Elvetham – A Winter Wedding

After the hubbub known as Christmas and the New Year its often a time of catching up for a wedding photographer.  You start to think about the downtime and eventually it gets to you.  Can you simply drop back into the groove you had a few weeks ago?  There’s no question you hope for something unique for your first of a new season.  Something that will tickle your insides and make you feel right at ease.  I feel rather lucky that this is exactly what I found when I arrived at The Elvetham last Friday.  I knew when I met Hyun and Pete a while back that this would be a relaxed affair.  Any wedding where the groom picks out the wedding dress is going to be special.  I wasn’t left wanting.  Hyun’s smile, Pete’s smile.  The warmth of the room cancelled out all the cold outside.  Simply put.  I was in heaven.  I’ve become a little of a seasoned veteran at ceremonies.  I don’t really get emotional or nostalgic.  But on Friday I did.  I was sitting in the front row after shooting the signing of the register as the guests took theirs.  I was watching Hyun and Pete and their guests crowded around with their cameras.  I looked back to Hyun and Pete and I noticed her staring at Pete from all of 6 inches away.  I was stuck by just how much she adored him.  At that moment, nothing else mattered to her.  The people, the cameras, the Registrars.  Nothing.  She was totally encapsulated in him.  At that moment I was taken with emotion.  It took me a minute or so to compose myself.  Pete is a very lucky man.  You will see the image I took just as it dawned on me later on.  Also, there will be a link to more images on my Facebook Business Page.  This will appear at the end of this post.


Weeds (no…not really…Pete’s mum did an amazing job with the flowers)

Pete scores major brownie points

Honorary Hen!

Oh yeah…that’s what I’m talking about!

I see where she gets it from!

Facetime Korea!

It seemed an odd time to do the Macarena

Never leave anything to chance!

Just before Dr Who arrived

Are you sensing a theme here?

Doppleganger 2013 begins with … Bradley Cooper!

2 seconds later and I’m a blubbing mess!

High fives are not just reserved for injury time winners!

Dress him up…but really…should you have let him out?

Horton hears a hoo and a blue tree!

Nice guns

I’m dead…


I promised you more…and here you go.  Pete and Hyun’s Elvetham Wedding Photography on my Facebook Business Page.

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  1. Steve
    Steve says:

    Wow, what a beautiful set of images, you have really captured the emotion of the day in these, the bride and groom look like such a fun couple, bet you really enjoyed capturing their special day, Love the muscles shot, really great work, Steve & Sandra.


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