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Rebecca and Steve - Farnham and The Elvetham Wedding

Morning campers!  Mind you, its very possible you'll read this in the dead of night. In which case - Evening campers!  Feel free to amend to afternoon, twilight or any other descriptive time of the day.  That's just how we roll.  {spoken like a Cowboy} This here is the weddin' of Becky and Steve, childhood sweet'arts who met at school and met again on Facebook {drop the cowboy now}.  Indeed, its way too early for comedy, especially bad comedy. ...

Rebecca and Steve - Farnham and Elvetham Wedding Photography

Here we go again! The path back to a single couple to who I can only refer to as the Kevin Bacon Wedding. Not because either one of them is a) Kevin Bacon or b) Starred in Footloose but because of c) The Six Degrees of Wedding Bacon. I was fortunate a number of years ago to shoot Laura and Leigh's wedding. From it came so many others. Friends of the couple, sisters, brothers of sisters, sister of the brother who had a wife who had a brother who...

David and Joy's Wedding Photography at The Elvetham

Delightful and heartfelt. Surely the best of describing what was a wonderful day for David and Joy at The Elvetham. Sometimes it just never practical to meet the clients before the wedding. Either they are exceedingly busy or live in another country. When I had to be patched in to a conference call with these two I knew I was dealing with some serious people. Serious at work they may be, but outside of it they are the perfect postcard and happy...

Hyun and Pete at The Elvetham - A Winter Wedding

After the hubbub known as Christmas and the New Year its often a time of catching up for a wedding photographer.  You start to think about the downtime and eventually it gets to you.  Can you simply drop back into the groove you had a few weeks ago?  There's no question you hope for something unique for your first of a new season.  Something that will tickle your insides and make you feel right at ease.  I feel rather lucky that this is exactly...

Hyun and Pete - A Winter Wedding at The Elvetham

What a way to start 2013. A couple so endearing and so much in awe of each other. I was moved on so many levels. The way that Hyun looked at Pete during the signing of the registers. The care and attention Pete took in sending a pre wedding gift down to Hyun. Her laugh and his smile. The closeness of the families and the distance some travelled to be there and be a part of it. I was proud to take part, honoured to be asked and delighted with...