Rebecca and Steve – Farnham and The Elvetham Wedding

Morning campers!  Mind you, its very possible you’ll read this in the dead of night. In which case – Evening campers!  Feel free to amend to afternoon, twilight or any other descriptive time of the day.  That’s just how we roll.  {spoken like a Cowboy} This here is the weddin’ of Becky and Steve, childhood sweet’arts who met at school and met again on Facebook {drop the cowboy now}.  Indeed, its way too early for comedy, especially bad comedy.  This all being said, its true, this is the wedding of Rebecca and Steve starting first at St Andrews Church in Farnham followed by a reception at the gloriously gothic Elvetham hotel.  Twas a top day that had just about everything.  Apart from the couple, their families and friends (and let’s face, that’s the most important part of any wedding for a photographer) my lasting memory will be music.  This may in part be down to Steve, a musician and expert in all things guitar.  From the choir in church, to the string quartet, the pianist during dinner (splendidly placed on a platform with a white baby grand…swoon) and finally Creation – an incredible band with no less than 5 dedicated singers.  Toss in the Vintage Bus, grand car, magician and fireworks and its no wonder that this day produced the most amount of final pictures in my entire 360+ wedding career.  Stuff is, well, stuff.  If you don’t have a couple who are in love, a family who ‘gets’ that and friends who aren’t there to celebrate then its just a bunch of fodder.  This was certainly NOT the case.  Steve is a quiet guy.  The kind of guy who looks a bit shy, who is softly spoken and well measured.  When you then learn about his musical interests you kind of wonder where the long hair and ritualistic adornments might be found.  The answer is I have no idea.  I see an ex member of S Club 7 with that wry smile and soft voice but I learned that is just the lost member of KISS without his makeup.  I guess it makes for going around town without being noticed easier.  Becky is a princess from Rivendell.  I use the LOTR reference because she’s quite often surrounded by little people.  No, not hobbits (I’m reliably formed that they weren’t actually small, it was all just clever CGI) but real little people.  Nursery school kids.  To see them lining the path to the church was just adorable.  Little boys giving her cards and the girls flowers.  One little girl, (you can see the photo below), made her own veil.  Adorable doesn’t even describe it.

It would be an oversight on my part not to mention that this is yet another Laura and Leigh related wedding.  Generating so many weddings from Bridesmaids, to the friends of, the Groom’s sister’s husband’s sister’s friend etc.  I’m eternally grateful for all that Laura and Leigh, their friends, family and mysterious whispers from the lands just this side of Mordor have done for me.  Thank you.












































































For the record, a number of images above were taken by my assistant on the day, Darren.  A fabulously talented photographer and, despite our “I could be your father” age difference, a true friend.

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