Wedding Ideas – Hora Loca

Crazy Wedding Ideas – Literally

Continuing with the wedding ideas thems.  Today its Hora Loca.  Translated to English it means “the crazy hour”.  The idea comes from our good friends in Latin America (Brazil etc) where performers in manic outfits pass around wild hats, sunglasses, flashing lights etc in an effort to encourage revelers to go mad for an hour.  Of course you don’t have to have the performers just a vast array of ‘props’ to help encourage the madness.

I’ve only seen this once.  At a wedding at Tithe Barn in Hampshire, the very British Tom married the very Venezuelan Cindy.  Mind you she had a perfect American accent and was studying in Bristol.  Its a limitless world.  But Cindy wanted to bring an amazing South American tradition to the wedding.  I’m pleased to say that EVERYONE embraced the idea and it truly sent the evening to the next level.  I reckon this is something that needs to catch on!  Here’s what it looked like.