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Wedding Idea - The Whiskey Barrel Signing Board

It takes a lot to make me go "holy moly" when it comes to wedding ideas.  Not because Brides and Grooms don't do some amazing things but that after 13 years of shooting weddings I often think I've seen it all. Signing books are, to some, quite old fashioned.  I know that its also a struggle to get guests to sign and it often ends up as one of the jobs of an Usher or Bridesmaid to push the book from table to table to ensure that it gets used. ...

Wedding Ideas - Hora Loca

Crazy Wedding Ideas - Literally Continuing with the wedding ideas thems.  Today its Hora Loca.  Translated to English it means "the crazy hour".  The idea comes from our good friends in Latin America (Brazil etc) where performers in manic outfits pass around wild hats, sunglasses, flashing lights etc in an effort to encourage revelers to go mad for an hour.  Of course you don't have to have the performers just a vast array of 'props' to help...

Wedding Ideas - Sandwich Board Order of the Day

Wedding Idea Scruminess Who doesn't love a good wedding idea sandwich?  Maybe is the American in me but there something desperately nostalgic about a proper deli sandwich board.  Reminds me a wonderful deli where I went to university in Northern Virginia (I always wonder if the 'N' in northern should be capitalised or not).  I digress. I've seen all kinds of orders of the day.  Those on an A1 board, printed and distributed on seats, painted on a...

Wedding Ideas - Space Hoppers

More from the ongoing series of fantastic wedding ideas.  Today we look at a new category called Fun and Games and specifically, Space Hoppers. I've actually consulted Wikipedia to discover how to describe a space hopper.  I learned that they were invented in the late 1960s by an Italian company.  But basically, this rubber ball with udders is not something you generally associate with a wedding.  But given the right time (and the right amount...

Wedding Ideas - A Skiing Couple's Guest Book

Continuing in the new series of fantastic wedding ideas that are unique, quirky, different or just expertly executed. Guests Books.  I see them week in and week out.  Quite often there are an after thought.  Understandable with some many things to do and sort out and then one day !BOOM! you realise it would be great to give folks the chance to leave you a lifelong message.  The reality is that the book either a) forgets to get passed around or...

Wedding Ideas - Farrow and Ball Table Plan

This is the first in a new series of fantastic wedding ideas.  Ideas that unique, quirky, different or just expertly executed.  Being in the depths of wedding planning myself I took some time to remember some of the brilliant things I've seen over the past few years.  Made sense to share them with you. The dreaded table plan!  Nothing seems more innocent whilst possessing the most opportunity for all out family warfare than the table plan. ...