whiskey barrel signing board

Wedding Idea – The Whiskey Barrel Signing Board

It takes a lot to make me go “holy moly” when it comes to wedding ideas.  Not because Brides and Grooms don’t do some amazing things but that after 13 years of shooting weddings I often think I’ve seen it all.

Signing books are, to some, quite old fashioned.  I know that its also a struggle to get guests to sign and it often ends up as one of the jobs of an Usher or Bridesmaid to push the book from table to table to ensure that it gets used.  But what if there was a better way?

Over the past few years I’ve come across a few novel ways of encouraging the concept of a signing book but in ways that years ago would never even be considered.

Take for instance Chloe and Michael’s wedding at Tithe Barn in Hampshire.  They went down a completely different route engaging guests to sign on a former whiskey barrel.  Novel for sure.  But also entirely practical.  Michael shared with me that after the wedding, the barrel would be varnished and a glass top be added to it where the barrel would then take pride of place in their home.   So not only do they get a wonderful memento of the wedding day but also a piece of bespoke furniture to adorn their home for decades to come.

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