Bride and Groom at Farbridge

Their Favourites – Amanda and Phil at Farbridge

Continuing with the clients favourite theme here are the three images selected by Amanda and Phil from their wedding at Farbridge near Chichester.  It’s important to remember as a wedding photographer that the pictures you might think are ‘favourites’ may be different to the Bride and Groom.  Whilst all of the images they selected are fantastic its even more interesting to hear their backstory.  The reason behind what makes it so special.

Before I share here’s a little message from them:

“Hope these are what you were looking for, we love all of the photos that you’ve taken it was so difficult to pick just three but it’s been really fun looking through them again!”

Without further ado….

Bridal prepatationsAmanda says: “20 minutes late and Robbie comes on the radio! Nothing like a blast of ‘Let Me Entertain You’ just before walking down the aisle, will always remember that!”

Bride and GroomThey say: “We think our guests may have enjoyed this moment more than us!  Everyone is smiling and laughing, we love this photo.”

Bridal PhotosThey say: “We loved having a few moments alone together before diving back in to the party, such stunning scenery around Farbridge!”