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Their Favourites - Nicola and Dan at The Walled Gardens at Cowdray

You ask someone... "Give my 3 of your favourite images" and I suspect they think "wow...just three...how can I do that?".  I think Nicola has the answer.  You don't.  You pick 8 and then reckon you could probably pick 50 more but that might be pushing it.  To be fair I would have been happy with that. This is a few favourites from Nicola and Dan's wedding at the Walled Gardens at Cowdray.  A stunning location with so many beautiful flowers...

Southdowns Manor Wedding Photographer - Carol and Rob

A very long time ago I shot a wedding, one of my first, of a couple named Robin and Carol. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Just starting out, loads of balloons, a scrap between guests. I had a great time. So when I was first on my way to meet Carol and Robin I had a firm view of what these two were going to look like. Surprisingly they weren't in their 60s and from that a whole new idea of what Carol and Robin means has...

Their Favourites - Amanda and Phil at Farbridge

Continuing with the clients favourite theme here are the three images selected by Amanda and Phil from their wedding at Farbridge near Chichester.  It's important to remember as a wedding photographer that the pictures you might think are 'favourites' may be different to the Bride and Groom.  Whilst all of the images they selected are fantastic its even more interesting to hear their backstory.  The reason behind what makes it so...