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Their Favourites - Zoe and Tom at Ramster

Nearing the end of the current flurry of 'Their Favourites' is Zoe and Tom from their wedding back at the end of July at Ramster in Surrey.  This was a special wedding for me for a variety of reasons.  The first being its another in a long line of recommendations going back to Alex and Nat at Bury Court.  I love when a thread weaves its way through my past.  In fact, I have another wedding coming up this year as a result of these two. Second...

Ramster Wedding Photography - Zoe and Tom

Wedding Photographer in Surrey Fun couples, good weather and stunning venues make being a wedding photographer in Surrey a dream job on some days.  And Zoe and Tom’s wedding was definitely one of those days!  They chose beautiful Ramster Hall for their big day.  Ramster Hall Weddings are always a pleasure to shoot, a historically rich home with sumptuous interiors surrounded by over 25 acres of award winning gardens, all made the most...