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Emma and Andy - Cain Manor Wedding Photography

Another throw back to days with dry ground and sunny afternoons. This time we are back at Cain Manor. A luxurious and refined venue on the Surrey and Hampshire border. I've been lucky over the years to get the opportunity to shoot there.  On such a wonderful day it was a real joy to be there. This wedding had an added string to its bow. More than a few years ago I was lucky enough to photograph the wedding of Simon and Alex at Eltham Palace.  On...

Ellie and Stuart - Spring Wedding at Cain Manor

"No one expects the Spanish Inquisition".  And no one really expects the drive down a leafy lane, turn a corner and find a Tudor wedding venue just sitting there in the Surrey Hills either.  But both of these things have happened.  Yes.  I'm talking about the infamous Cain Manor.  A Bijou wedding venue near Headley but probably known more as being near Hindhead (formerly of traffic from hell, now the location of my children's favourite road...