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Carole and Russell - A Wedding at Avington Park

The Big Day Before This wedding coverage begins a bit differently.  As in the day before kind of differently.  Carole and Russell's worldly reach is rather remarkable.  With family and friends living all of the world they really wanted an opportunity to get together with some of their nearest and dearest to have a 'pre' celebration.  So much of the family had never had the opportunity to meet so it was decided to have a celebration the day...

Avington Park Wedding Photographer - Susan and Charles

Avington Park - Gorgeous Stately Home Wedding Venue A bit of a throwback Wednesday (I know...it's supposed to be Thursday).  I'm heading back to 2013 and posting from a wedding I didn't get the opportunity to at the time.  All weddings are great and whilst I can't blog ALL of them it seems a shame to leave this one out.  Not only because the reception was at the amazing Avington Park but also because Susan and Charles made it a particularly unique...