Bride and Groom at Avington Park

The Big Day Before

This wedding coverage begins a bit differently.  As in the day before kind of differently.  Carole and Russell’s worldly reach is rather remarkable.  With family and friends living all of the world they really wanted an opportunity to get together with some of their nearest and dearest to have a ‘pre’ celebration.  So much of the family had never had the opportunity to meet so it was decided to have a celebration the day before at Lainston House.  Whilst a brief exercise for me it was a warm one.  A chance to get to know a few of the key players and to feel just that bit more comfortable come Saturday.

Summer at Avington Park

Saturday did, indeed, come.  Important decisions, spreadsheets, event coordinator friends and after months of meticulous planning it was finally here.  What a day they planned and what a day they acheived.  The summer sun shone bright on Avington Park.

This wasn’t your average schedule.  A late kick off to the ceremony, which given the extreme temperatures of the summer of 2018 was very welcome.  It didn’t take a lot of sting out of the tail of summer but at least it provided for a bit of shade.  Your first impression would have been the same as mine.  The flowers!  Oh my the flowers.  They hired one of the finest florists in the country, Celebrity Florist Larry Walshe.  I’ve seen some incredible floral displays in my time.  But this was off the scale amazing.

Carole didn’t feel she wanted the entire Bridal Prep treatment so I arrived not long before the she got into her dress.  It’s important that every Bride feels comfortable and if that’s something you’re not interested in I respect that.  I was able to see Russell and get a really close look at all the flowers.  Not to mention the amazing table centres already laid out.  When I say I’ve never seen anything like that before.  I really mean NEVER!

Kids.  Well.  You’ve got to love them.  Even more so when they are Grandkids.  Perhaps less so when, at an important moment, silence hushed over the room, they decide its a great time for a pop-pop.  Cue a look of “did what I think just happened happen?” followed by an eruption of laughter.  Loved it.

The afternoon sun led to cool refreshing drinks and perhaps the most challenging set of family groups I’ve ever shot.  Once through that it was a breeze working with Carole and Russell.  We had a wee practice session a few months before the wedding.  It’s a great way to get to know each other and understand how the entire process works.

The speeches were loving, caring, funny and emotional.  The best play on words being Carole’s brother’s bespoke “Make Carole Great Again” hat.  Popular not just during the speech but for the evening to come.  Mind you, Russell’s son played a blinder when bringing in an inflatable swan as part of his speech.  Wherever people get these ideas I hope they keep the coming.

The night rounded off with dancing.  Lots and lots and lots of dancing.  The more mature audience coupled with an amazing band meant the dancefloor was never quiet.  Love and happiness everywhere at Avington Park.