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Carole and Russell - A Wedding at Avington Park

The Big Day Before This wedding coverage begins a bit differently.  As in the day before kind of differently.  Carole and Russell's worldly reach is rather remarkable.  With family and friends living all of the world they really wanted an opportunity to get together with some of their nearest and dearest to have a 'pre' celebration.  So much of the family had never had the opportunity to meet so it was decided to have a celebration the day...

Avington Park Wedding Photographer - Susan and Charles

Avington Park - Gorgeous Stately Home Wedding Venue A bit of a throwback Wednesday (I know...it's supposed to be Thursday).  I'm heading back to 2013 and posting from a wedding I didn't get the opportunity to at the time.  All weddings are great and whilst I can't blog ALL of them it seems a shame to leave this one out.  Not only because the reception was at the amazing Avington Park but also because Susan and Charles made it a particularly unique...

Susan and Charles - Winchester and Avington Park Wedding

What an amazing wedding. I didn't really know it before I turned up but when I walked away at quarter past midnight I truly felt as though I had witnessed something rather amazing. In speaking the Charlie before the wedding he told me that the wedding was music themed. I've had 'themed' weddings in the past and as good as they were they didn't quite take it to the level that Susie and Charlie did. In fact, to say music themed isn't entirely...

Anthea and Miles' International Wedding at Avington Park

The story of a banker and his wife. No, its not Mary Poppins, but in fact Anthea and Miles. Anthea is a Kiwi (or a New Zealander if you're down with the kids). Running press/publicity and all that jazz for the Bank of New Zealand (like you, I didn't know it exists either). He's a Brit and more importantly, an economist. Perhaps not sharing an office with Merv he frequents the halls of The Bank of England (now that one I did know). So carrying...

Avington Park Wedding Photography - Lucy and Matt

On the outskirts of Winchester lies a lovely hamlet known as Avington. Near the River Itchen this fantastic private home is available for weddings. Given that in the late 17th century it was it was transformed for Charles II to stay you know this is not your average wedding venue. Avington is located in the rolling Hampshire hills and is an ideal venue available for exclusive hire. Lucie and Matt knew this was a special venue. Correction, Matt...