It think it was Aerosmith who once said “Sweet Emotion”.  Maybe you have to be of an age (or a particular taste) to know where I’m coming from for that one.  But the truth is a wedding day is full of emotion.  For me its all about smiles and laughter.  Of course there are many emotions a variety of folks experience on a wedding day.  From happiness to fear, anxiety to sadness, and a bit of simple tomfoolery thrown in for good measure.  I prefer to actually record the things that happen than to focus the entire time on something that may or may not impress other photographers.  That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the abstract and odd but a wedding day is about emotion and emotion I shall find.

So for the 4th installment of my Best of Wedding Photography 2013 I give you…sweet emotion.


Bride down the aisle at Bury Court Barn


Confetti at Gate Street Barn









Wedding speech at Tithe Barn