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Best of Wedding Photography 2013 - Outside the Box

Sometimes an opportunity presents itself.  The chance to look at the world in a different way.  Whether that's a reflection, a notion, an abstract or a perspective, its the way you view it that makes it your vision.  A unique vision.  Naturally I have a number of different hats on during a typical wedding day.  I'm there to shoot a wedding and from it get a variety of different photographic records.  Details, stories, formals, events.  When...

Best of Wedding Photography 2013 - Comedy Moments

Sometimes the most amazing things happen.  Things you never expected and sometimes could never believe if you weren't actually there to see it.  Whether its an expression, a moment of madness or cupcake icing gone mad.  Even on such a serious day there is always the potential for something to crack someone up.  I've been blessed to be there.  The right place at the right time.  It seemed a perfect opportunity to add to my series Best of Wedding...

Best of Wedding Photography 2013 - Formals

One of the main things I'm asked by my clients is "how long do you take to shoot the family groups?".  Its one of those goodness only knows answers because largely this is down to them.  I provide all my clients with a starter for 10 family groups list.  I tell them that if left to the list I can complete it within 15 minutes.  12 minutes actually (and yes, I've timed it).  Of course clients can add, delete or transform the list however they see...

Best of Wedding Photography 2013 - Sweet Emotion

It think it was Aerosmith who once said "Sweet Emotion".  Maybe you have to be of an age (or a particular taste) to know where I'm coming from for that one.  But the truth is a wedding day is full of emotion.  For me its all about smiles and laughter.  Of course there are many emotions a variety of folks experience on a wedding day.  From happiness to fear, anxiety to sadness, and a bit of simple tomfoolery thrown in for good measure.  I prefer...

Best of Wedding Photography 2013 - Details

This marks the third installment of my Best of Wedding Photography 2013.  Today's post is all about those little details (and some big ones too).  I believe that details are important but only tell part of the story.  Its the moments that make a wedding for me.  Great details go to support those moments.  As such they do have their importance too.  So many Brides spend a lot of time thinking about exactly how their wedding will look that its...