Zena and Ben – Sunny Spring Wedding at Tithe Barn

Pharrell Williams wrote a song…it’s called ‘Happy’…and unless you’ve been moored on the Planet Zeptron for the past 6 months then I’m sure you would have heard it.  It’s pretty much ubiquitous to mainstream society and, in general, a rather catchy tune.  It could have been written for just about anyone.  Pharrell’s mum, his little sister (assuming he has one), his favourite Aunt.  But in my head, my little world, just this side of Planet Zeptron, I’m going with Zena.  The things that woman can do with her smile.  She could sweet talk her way into the Oscars, no problem.  Get in the Royal Box at Wimbledon with ease.  Backstage pass to Glastonbury?  Please!!! In a heartbeat.  So its no surprise that the team of suppliers working with Zena and Ben also had big smiles and became witness to…”The Happy Wedding”.  Not to say that all weddings aren’t happy but this was just happy on a different scale.  Tithe Barn was set up in a unique way, with two long tables and a top table connecting them, then placed at the ‘kitchen’ end.  Oddly, most weddings have the evening at the ‘kitchen’ end and the meal at the ‘ceremony’ end.  By inviting just the closest of friends and family, they were able to use the smaller end of the barn for an occasion unrivaled before that day.  I love something different and I loved how it was all set out.  I loved Zena and Ben’s wedding.

 Zena got ready The Old Thorn’s in Liphook


































































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