toby and tegan at tithe barn

Tegan and Toby – Tithe Barn Wedding Photography – Justafew

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and…wait.  This isn’t a Black Eyed Peas track.  This is a ‘Justafew’ (copyright implied you mad thieves) from Tegan (that’s Teh-gan, not Tee-gan and you need to say it right in your head because otherwise its just rude) and Toby’s South Harting and Tithe Barn wedding.

If weddings were paint this would be Annie Sloan chalk somewhere between Old White and Country Grey.  Its charm, its sophistication, its subtle beauty mixed with drops of happiness.

Tegan got ready in a farmhouse towards Chilworth.  Thankfully my car is a wannabe 4×4 so I was able to reach the dizzy heights and bumpy road.  There I found rustic charm, open space and wonderful light.  A buzz of activity from the girls, steady and true, to her really little brothers enjoying Mr Tumble.  This was also another fantastic wedding with the everso-beardy Ollie Denny from Storybook Films.  We are a great team who work together perfectly.  I tell him I taught him everything he knows (a lie of course) and he let’s me walk into his shots and generally look stupid (truth of course…in fact I’m waiting for the video of me on an exercise bike to appear at any moment).

The odd things you do as wedding photographer.  I’ve carried bags (2 from this wedding), driven Bridesmaids when a taxi didn’t turn up, buttoned a wedding dress and with Tegan, I spent about 20 minutes, just the two us, chatting about life and weddings waiting for her Dad to return from taking the Bridesmaids (the bumpy road meant the wedding cars would never make it).  It was calm, She was calm.  Peace.

The images only extend as far as the Bridal Portraits.  Its the heyday of May and I’m investing time in getting the actual images completed so have selected this natural break.  However, I am posting a few more on my Facebook Business Page, the link to which you can find at the bottom of the page AFTER the images (a bit like with they go to a commercial break just before announcing a bogus dog team wins BGT).




I had to show this cake…ALL of the flowers, stems, the lot…were made by Tegan’s mum.  A year in the making it was, truly, one of the most magnificent things I’ve ever seen!

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