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Family Photographer in Hampshire

Just looking back at some work from last fall and realised I never got the opportunity to share some images from a family photography session I did with a wonderful group of people from Hampshire. These kind of sessions are a wonderful way to take a snapshot of your family at a given time and create family heirlooms to treasure for a lifetime.  I can imagine more than a few coming out on a wedding day in a few decades. If you're interested in...

Best of Wedding Photography 2013 - Portraits

Time for chapter two of the Best of Wedding Photography 2013.  This time I'm looking back at some of my favourite portraits.  I think what I love most about this facet of the work that I do is how normal people, people who tell me that they hate having their photo taken, can look natural and relaxed.  People just like you.  Sometimes we had everything with us.  Light, time, space.  They were all there for us.  Other times it was a squash and a...

A Good Reed - Musical Photography and a Twist

Today I got the honour...and I do mean honour...to hang out with 4 of the coolest bunch of girls (yes...I'll call the girls) from 'A Good Reed'.   As is says on their own website "A Good Reed is an all girl saxophone quartet available to play for weddings, corporate & private functions and both formal and educational recitals."  So if you know anything about wind instruments, especially woodwind, you should get the in joke with 'reed' vs...