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Bec and Lou - Wedding at Secret Garden - Kent

Some weddings you circle on your calendar. The waiting seems too much. Like Christmas in the summer it hangs there taunting you, willing it to be the day when you can be there. To see those amazing people again. To laugh, to embrace, to feel like part of the family again. Bec and Lou's wedding at The Secret Garden in Kent was one of those weddings. Some Backround This all starts a few years ago with Jess and James' wedding at Gate Street...

Beth and Stefan - Larmer Tree Wedding Photography

Patience is a wonderful thing!  Because of it I can track back a few weddings (quite a few weddings actually) to bring you Beth and Stefan at Larmer Tree Gardens, Wiltshire.  You see, for a lot of reasons all too boring to talk about here I missed blogging a few weddings over the last couple of years.  Whilst they did get a great selection of images on my Facebook Business Page, I never go to do my thing 'blogstyle'.  Then a few weeks ago I saw...