Sophie and David – A Kew Gardens Fall Wedding

Sophie and David are the kind of clients you love to get.  Recently engaged as they attended the fantastic wedding of a Natalie and Alex in 2011 they were suddenly more aware of the finer details of organising a wedding.  As Sophie was a Bridesmaid it was even more ‘real’ being on the inside.  As Robert De Niro’s character in ‘Meet the Parents’ would say…inside the ‘Circle of Trust’.  Well, I know you can’t milk anything with a nipple (unlike Ben Stiller) but I did know that I had a great opportunity to not impress Nat and Alex but also these guys.  I’m guessing it worked as it was only a couple of months or so until the phone rang and I was over the moon.

I had photographer two different weddings at Kew Gardens before.  Both times in Cambridge Cottage.  So this was going to be new ground for me.  The Princess of Wales Conservatory remains the common bond but being able to shoot both in the Orangery and The Nash Conservatory was just magnificent.  As London venues go, Kew Gardens has so much to offer.  I really love working there.   Their day was filled with unique features perfectly suited for them.  Its nice to get something unique for me too.  For that I got to photograph the Bride and Groom exit.  Pitch black on a cool September night its the kind of photography I don’t often do.  Revert to old school.  Direct flash.  But even direct flash, when seen the right way can be evocative.

What a wonderful day…and if you want to see more after viewing the images below the find the link at the end to a good walloping on Facebook.

David schools one of the Grooms(wo)men.


Pin sharp dresser

Proof that there is never a wrong time for a fruit smoothie

One of my favourite shoe photos — EVER

Proof that this job does deserve danger pay

I was rather pleased with this one…mind you Mum did try on the same two pair earrings about 9 times   :0)

The gorgeous…and slightly pregnant…Natalie!

The Men In Black visit David one last time just to be sure

Driving Ms Sophie

Quite honestly…this was the toughest lightening scenario I faced in all of 2012 — I’m rather pleased in hindsight with how it turned out.

David never missed an opportunity to practice his imaginary juggling

looks like chocolate cake…feels like chocolate cake…I wonder if it tastes like chocolate cake

The best gag ever…just walk up to a group and shout “Blue Steel”

Geometry baffled me in school

Just what ever is he measuring…the mind boggles

As Dave Grohl would say “its times like these you wish you had your 17-35″….but I love the look on the cake holder

At least she got the Foo Fighters joke

Honestly…I have no idea!

Everyone knows that red ties are better for air guitar

Some people just can’t take a break from their Davina McCall exercise DVD

..see what I mean

Direct flash never looked so … well … interesting

As mentioned above….here is a link to more images from the Kew Gardens wedding of Sophie and David on Facebook

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