Sarah and Jon – Langshott Manor in the Spring

I guess the benefit of being a bit behind on writing your blog posts is that its possible to get some feedback from the couple before you actually write about the wedding.  This is certainly the case for Jon and Sarah’s wedding at Langshott Manor back in April.  A gloriously sunny day with enough twists and turns to keep even this experienced photographer on his toes.  Well…it wasn’t the number just the scale of it I guess.  Sarah got ready at the ‘sister’ hotel around 20 minutes away.  However, the final preparations were to take place at Langshott just before the ceremony.  This always makes me nervous.  The door is open for something to go astray or for something vital to be left behind.  Sadly, my thoughts were born into reality when a suitcase, containing some vital wedding essentials were left in reception.  When I say essential, I guess you need to think “no seen, but certainly useful” and you’ll probably get my drift.  Its not exactly the helpful when trying to get into your wedding mindset.  My experience told me there was only one way forward — the big picture.  “Imagine the laughs you’ll get in 5 years time.  Heck, imagine retelling the story to other newlyweds on your honeymoon.  This is serious beach talk that will make you a legend.”  I think by the end of it all Sarah was seeing the funny side.  The registrars not so but they lived through it just fine.  As for the wedding, what a great day.  It was wonderful being part of something so genuine and heartfelt.  I love a great wedding and I love this wedding without question.  The stories of their marathons, the close relationship of the groom and his best man/brother.  I just love taking it all in and feeling a part of it all.  It just helps me to create personal and story telling images.

Jon’s daughter and Sarah’s bridesmaid, sees the dress for the first time

She loves me…honest

The beautiful Langshott Manor

Jon chills

“Suitcase?  What suitcase?”

More proof that blur is a tool

The stuff of nightmares

Jon was kind enough to send through the result of their “Oscar styled selfie”

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