Sarah and Wayne – Godalming and Gate Street Wedding Photography

Sarah and Wayne.  My goodness me. What a laugh.  From the madness of Wayne and his mates, to the boob touching of the Bridemaids, to the sour faced Sambuca shots.  This day was a real gem.  In some ways blogging months after the fact gives you a chance to reflect on the day and remember what it was so special.  Not only for them but also for me.  I do take each day personally.  I want it all to be perfect for the couple.  A partly selfish position as if its perfect for them, its perfect for me too.  Calm heads makes for calm faces.  To be honest it was never really going to be a problem with these guys.  Their familes and friends are just like them.  Serious when it matters and keen to let their hair down when it doesn’t.

The first great decision was the ceremony at St Peter and St Paul in Godalming.  Its simply one of the best churches in Surrey.  Great light, great space, room for me to move just a little bit and never been noticed.  Of course you need to ensure that you carry that wisdom through and they certainly did.  Gate Street Barn is just the most fantastic venue around.  It all starts with the top and the staff.  Just excellent.  It was a great day I won’t forget.  Thank you both for making me feel so welcome and part of the family.

Have a gander at these images and at the end there will be a link to loads more on Facebook.

Shoe fetish

Why yes…this necklace was photographed on top of a bin…thanks for asking

How to engineer your own death as a photographer

Three ladies and a breast obsession.  Result!

She’s living in a box — not a cardboard box .. thankfully

Sisters — are doing it for themselves

Tasty indeed!

It was so nice for Kenneth Brannaugh to pop in for the ceremony


A little less concentration

I love the The Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul in Godalming…lovely light

Even after 330 weddings I still see things that simply blow me away…love it!

Gate Street Barn — one of Surrey’s (heck the country’s) finest wedding venues

No bottoms were squeezed in the creation of this photo

What a smile

Porchful of Honeys

Porchful of .. well .. guys .. bring back the honeys

Someone is buying his story hook, line and sinker

Wayne…what a laugh!

Camera angle raised to save the dignity to all those involved — you know who you are!

And so….it begins!

11m 40s — get real!  No chance


There’s no need to ask…he really is a smooth operator

I’m 40…no time for peek-a-boo

No…really…its not a game for adults

I love symmetry

Its only a cake!

…one eyes, purple people eater…sometimes I really hate DJ lights

Exhibiting a Michael Schumacher level of confidence

You’ve made it into three images on the blog…That takes some doing

Office Poncherello phoned…wants his glasses back

Charlie had been wondering what happened to all his angels

I’m guessing the ideal wedding present wasn’t a years supply of Sambuca then?

As I promised, here is a link to more images on my Facebook Business page for Sarah and Wayne’s Godalming and Gate Street wedding.

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