Dramatic nighttime image at Tithe BarnAn Early Morning Start

With a 2pm ceremony its not often I’m heading out the door at 08:30am.  I do have to admit that I did have a prospective wedding consult before meeting up with Sarah so that’s my excuse.  Even so an 11am kick off for a 2pm ceremony can mean only one thing.  A bit of a journey was ahead of us.  Sarah opted to get ready at home near Winchester.  An awesome choice knowing that you have everything you could possibly need for a wedding prep.  Hair pins, the perfect lip colour, access to a medicine cabinet and a mankini.  Ok.  The mankini is imaginary.  At least that’s the story we are all sticking to.  This decision did mean a bit of an earlier depart to make it back to Tithe Barn.

I enjoy meeting people at home.  I get a real sense of who they are.  Their style and psyche.  The fact that despite having a 2 year old they still have more Prosecco than whole milk in the fridge.   NOT fake news.  I also learned very quickly how Sarah is pretty handy with a camera (as evidenced by all the great photography on the walls) and that Simon used to be a ski bum (again evidenced by some pretty intense images of him doing his best Jonny Knoxville careering down the Alps).   I even got to add some of my parental wisdom in helping the Grandparents fit a child seat into their car.  It was like riding a bike I tell you.

A Ceremony to Remember

Right.  So the ceremony.  It was good.  Like real good.  Awesome is not an overstatement.  There’s only one problem.  I can’t really show you ALL the good bits (just some).  Mainly because one of the stars of the show wasn’t Sarah or Simon.  No Best Man dropping rings or an owl that refused to fly down the aisle.  Nothing as sanguine as that.  It was, in fact, Simon and Sarah’s 2year old.  When she screams out, “Mummy!!!! NO!!!!” at just the right moment.  Decides she ready to have a sit down between the Registar and the couple.  Has a sudden realisation that wedding shoes do, in fact, taste better than normal shoes.  Adorable.  In the interest of internet safety and at the request of Simon and Sarah, the images of the aforementioned star have not been included.  Privacy is important.  Child privacy even more so.  I’m 100% behind the decisions my clients make.  But I still had to share 🙂  It was too good of a story not to.

There was another reason too.  The amazing vocal ensemble that performed during the ceremony and for Sarah to walk down the aisle sent shivers down my spine.  Literally.  I see a lot of weddings.  So too (and more so) do the Registrars.  Alan, the officiant this day, agreed with me.  What an amazing performance.  Sarah is a singer herself.  Part of the ensemble.  A few of them were literally crying as she walked down the aisle.  That’s how important it was for them.  They also performed during the drinks reception and with some funky backup they transformed into the most divine soul band belting out an hours set before letting the exquisite DJ Ashley Riggs round the evening off.

Down in One

The afternoon, warm and relaxed, played out like many weddings.  Confetti and canapes, Pimms and Prosecco.  What was striking was the love.  The gentle nature of the afternoon with everyone blending so well.   Sarah laughing with friends and family and Simon doing the same.  So free.  So easy.  As free and easy as things were, they were about to get a bit more ‘interesting’.  Simon’s parents had a wee surprise for everyone during the speeches.  A home made brew of something very clear and VERY strong.  Having egged on their ‘ski bum’ son to get back to Britain and get on with life, they retired to France to be, well, ski bums, and with it discovered a French alcoholic delicacy.  This was no Sloe Gin I can assure you.   Simon’s mum went to each table to explain that at some point in Simon’s speech there would be an opportunity to open the hand labelled bottle and pour a shot for all.  When the time came….oh my.  The look on Sarah’s face (and the many actions and looks that followed) told a story worth hearing.  I didn’t get the luxury of trying.  I’m not entirely sure I would want to.  If the reaction that Sarah had was one to go by.  A memory for sure.

That’s All Folks

In short.  What a wonderful day.  Full of love, laughter, amazing music and tasty shoes.  I was honoured to be a part of their day.  To see it, photograph it and be a part of it.  As I author this the couple have  just now received their USB.  Here’s what they said:

As I am sure you get told after each wedding, we honestly cannot thank you enough.

I have just watched the slide show for the second time in tears happiness. You have our memories captured and history made, and they are just beautiful. It has almost been the most precious part of the day – documenting every feeling – nerves, excitement and joy with all our absolute favourite people in the world.

I’ll take that 🙂

Part of the dream team this week were:

Venue:  Tithe Barn
Catering: Wright Choice
Flowers:  Heavenly Scent
Music, Sound and Uplighters:  DJ Ashley Riggs
Net Lighting:  Cinemattag Productions
Second Photographer:  Simon Kemp

And finally.  Time to share the really important bits.  An image selection from over 840 images that they received on the day.