bride and groom at gate street barn

For the astute amongst you it should be rather easy to discover that I’ve blogged almost none this year.  I’ve been more into Instagram but recognise (after doing some judging for a major industry competition) that I looked to blogs as a way to get to know the supplier.  So I would be at least a bit hypocritical if I didn’t make an effort to beef up this part of the website.  Truth be told I won’t have time to wax lyrical writing a small essay on every wedding.  But I will at least provide the broad strokes to help the viewer (that’s you) understand some context.  Hopefully, once I get more caught up I can look to be more thorough.

Natalie and Mark.  A wedding at Gate Street Barn in Surrey.  A spring time affair with the daffodils in full bloom.  Good times, dry weather and a fantastic people.