Tia and Hoff. These happen to be the nicknames of Marie and Simon. I’m pretty sure I can see how the Simon’s hair leads to The Hoff. I’m gonna take a flyer that Tia is a reference to Tia Carerre. I can certainly see the resemblence but I’m sure if I’m totally wrong someone will set me straight. This was another Bridal Prep in the Bride’s room at the Barn. You need to know that its small so only really suitable for a few people. But the space that’s there is quite lovely especially if its warm enough to open what I like to call the “Mr Ed Door”. That would be the stable door leading on to the courtyard. That’s enough on the advice front. Let’s talk about Marie (Tia) and Simon (Hoff). Its a love story that starts somewhere in a car pool to hockey practice. Hockey (field, not ice) has a large role to play and as such we had a bit of theme running. Sticks on the walls, mini sticks to help define the table names, a hockey stick ‘guard’ for them to walk through. I love seeing something that’s special to both the Bride and Groom become part of the wedding. Simon shed a tear but maybe not as much as his Dad. I love that guy! Great stories for his Father of the Groom speech. I like that idea for what its worth. Marie’s Uncle walked her down the aisle and gave a speech. A speech I could never forget…even if I wanted to. Perhaps the longest and riskiest joke ever. That’s not a negative thing. It built and built and built and BAM!!! Right between the eyes. Of course both of these guys had a job to do to top the Best Man. It was no surprise to know that he dabbles in a bit of dramatics as it was one of the finest and enthusiastic speeches I’ve ever seen. Take all that and Marie’s mum accidently wearing cupcake frosting on her dress and you had some pretty special speeches. All that tenderness and joy gave way to madness when the dancing started. I had to take cover at one point. It was a serious mosh pit and that was just the best thing ever! Loved it! Thanks guys and good luck!

wedding at gate-street-barn-1

wedding at gate-street-barn-2

wedding at gate-street-barn-3

wedding at gate-street-barn-4

wedding at gate-street-barn-5

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wedding at gate-street-barn-41

wedding at gate-street-barn-42

wedding at gate-street-barn-43

wedding at gate-street-barn-44

wedding at gate-street-barn-45

wedding at gate-street-barn-46

wedding at gate-street-barn-47

wedding at gate-street-barn-48

wedding at gate-street-barn-49

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wedding at gate-street-barn-57

wedding at gate-street-barn-58

wedding at gate-street-barn-59

wedding at gate-street-barn-60

wedding at gate-street-barn-61

wedding at gate-street-barn-62

wedding at gate-street-barn-63

wedding at gate-street-barn-64

wedding at gate-street-barn-65

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