Laura and Paul – A Gate Street Barn Wedding

After 4 weddings in a few short weeks at Gate Street barn it was time to say farewell for a few months.  But never wanting to go out in a whimper I put it all into Laura and Paul’s wedding a couple of weeks ago…that’s not to say I don’t put my all into every wedding its just in this bit of prose it sounded (in the words of Ali G) “well cool”.  For a May wedding I must admit that it was a little disappointing to have such cool temperatures (no pun intended).  Add a little drizzle and this wedding could have been in March strictly speaking.  But you know what.  Weather is such a small part of a real wedding.  Seriously.  Its all about people, interaction, relationships, eye contact, fun and good spirits.  Weather has very little to do with the core of what its all about…yet everyone spends the days before a wedding glued to their weather app.  Just sayin’.

Laura and Paul and two genuine down to earth people with such charm they nearly knock you over with it all.  She’s so unassuming and sincere and he a laugh that makes you feel at ease, as if the only person in his world at that moment is you.  I love couples like that.  I’m so lucky to have so many. The wedding was just fantastic.  So proud to be part of it!

I want you to look at the images below.  But I also want you to see more.  So at the end of these images is a link to a Facebook gallery of more.  So scroll and click after you’ve enjoyed more of witless banter.

Just so there was never any doubt

Nice little catch I only saw by accident…I’m willing to admit that

Bride and Bridesmaid get ready for Gate Street Barn weddingApparently you can never have enough eyelashes

wedding dress hanging in window

1, 2, 3 o’clock, 4 o’clock ROCK!

Ladies loooove the iPhone

detail of wedding dress

It didn’t work….OR did it?  Hmmmm

Far better than variable speed limit signs

bride and groom laughing during wedding ceremony


cofetti throwing at a wedding at gate street barnI see Paul was quick enough to cover his drink!

Guests…apparently rather important at this shindigs

A minute before I was lectured by the chef telling what a horrible location it was…I made no comment about the beef

He sure is MY rock of ages

Wet weather option number 1

Yes…there are ACTUALLY 4 people in this photo


Paul has either wowed his new mother in law…or completely ruined it

Paul demonstrates how he at first failed day 1 of proctology school

{that stinks} (geddit)

Still sober (just)

(sung to the tune of Rocky Horror’s “Time Warp”) “First…a pic to the left”…..

….”and basically the same pic to the righ-igh-ight”….

….”put your knife in the cake….and then give you wife a great big frigh-igh-ight”….

…”you do the pelvic thrust”….

guests dancing at a wedding at gate street barn…”and watch the guests go insan-an-an-e … let’s do the time warp again!”

As promised…you can find more image on my facebook business page.  Apparently the first person to click on over gets a massive pat on the back from someone at some point real soon.  So don’t miss seeing some more of Laura and Paul’s Gate Street wedding of Facebook!

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  1. Caroline Witts
    Caroline Witts says:

    Wonderful photos of Laura and Paul’s wedding, truly capturing the whole feeling of the day. Fabulous.


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