wedding couple at Tithe Barn HampshireFeeling Hot Hot Hot at Tithe Barn

And now for something a bit different….a slideshow.  Streaming at its finest 🙂

Jess and Matt picked one of the hottest days in modern history (** exaggeration alert **) to get married at Tithe Barn back in July.  Hot day, hot couple.  Fitting really.  For a venue that I’ve been to so many times it was great to see a few things a bit differently.  First I visited the girls at High Trees House.  This wasn’t my first Bridal prep here but it was different to how I saw it last time.  The vibe was extraordinary.  So much excitement all around.  If the feeling you get when you arrive was any indication of how everything was going to go then I was in for a treat

Darren also got to see something a bit different.  Groom prep at the barn.  The room at the back is most often referred to as the ‘Brides Room’.  But not today.  It was taken over by a tribe of men making up the Groomsmen.  From the images I can assume it was a rowdy good time.

One of the best bits about Tithe Barn is it ability to suit in all weathers.  When its cold the underfloor heading keeps you warm.  When its hot the cold stone keeps you cool.  33 degree C was always going to be a challenge for the cold stone.  It did a commendable job.

It’s Coming Home!

Football that is.  When Jess and Matt booked their date they had no idea just how well the Three Lions would get on in the World Cup.   As luck would have it England played Sweden for a trip to the Semi Finals on the very same Saturday.  Jess was adamant that this wouldn’t affect the day.  In fact all references to the game were pretty much banned.  I get it.  You spend a year planning everything down to the finest detail and then suddenly a football match diverts all the attention.  Being an afternoon game the upside was that it took place mostly during the meal.  Can I admit to seeing more than a few phones streaming the game?  Oh yes.  The wifi password was like gold dust.   When the first of England’s goals went it there was a gagged response throughout the room.  No one wanted to let on they knew.  None of the guests wanted to upset the Bride.  But they also wanted to cheer.  One of the Groomsmen grabbed the mic to introduce the couple into the wedding breakfast. but before doing so he also announced what 50% already knew.  1-0 up!  The place went nuts.  Standing, cheering, one chap on a chair, beers being clinked, tables shook, high fives throughout.  This raptureous behaviour occured again 2 more times.  Once for the second of England’s goals and again for the final whistle.  Each time an announcement was made and the place went bananas.

Did it ruin the day?  No.  The good vibe actually played right into their hands.  Not that this group of friends and family needed a winning scoreline to have a great day.  But let’s just say it didn’t hurt.  The feel good lasted all afternoon and right up to the last dance, “It’s coming home” being shouted at random intervals and even played by the band on the dance floor.


Suffice to say this was an unforgettable experience.  The hot weather, the awesome vibe, the winning score line and a unique band (wait till you see the photos).  Tithe Barn once again proved how versatile and dynamic it can be.  Bending to fit the spirit of the people who ‘took it over’.  That’s what I really love it.  It’s awe inspiring, ancient yet as modern or rustic as you would like it to be.  All the thanks to Jess and Matt for allowing me to be a part of this truly remarkable day!