Elise and Emma – Civil Partnership at Gate Street Barn

During the height of the beautiful summer weather, Emma and Elise held their civil partnership at the glorious Gate Street Barn near Guildford in Surrey.  Emma and Elise are quite a special couple to me.  When they learned that I was unavailable on their original wedding date they decided to change to a different one.  From memory I think they were probably glad they did as the first date had rain for most of the day.  Silver linings and all that.  In doing so I had already felt a strong connection with them.  I met them again before the wedding in Richmond and was instantly taken by their charm.  Not to mention their future plans in Brighton as well as the great day they had in store for me and their guests at the wedding.

Gate Street was again awash with vibrant colour.  I followed Elise who was getting ready in the Bride’s Room at the barn whilst Darren went to Guildford to follow Emma.  For me, the day was a blur.  It all happened so fast.  So many great moments and people and family.  The nervous look on Emma’s face just before Elise came down the aisle was priceless and a moment I won’t forget.  The tears in Elise’s eyes and those of her mum.  The laughter and the way they literally danced back down the aisle at the end.  The other moment I’ll never forget isn’t probably something Elise wants to remember but when she fell ill during the speeches the day took a different direction.  Not a bad one…not that I would wish for a Bride to be taken ill and have to leave the party for a bit but it then offered another silver lining.  That in the way that the speeches were finished on the front steps to the main barn with a semi circle of guests all having just about a front row seat.  I’m not sure the Best Woman was delighted to learn that she would have to wait a bit longer to deliver her speech.  Naturally, with all good things they work themselves out and the party carried on well into the night.  We even managed to get some photos of the two of them together (as I had decided to wait until after dinner because of the harsh sun before).

What a great day!

Three from Darren with Emma

Blue skies, gorgeous barn

The invisible woman still loved great shoes

I kept thinking about Mr Ed…not that anyone made me think of them as a horse mind you 🙂

A priest, a Scotsman and a Rabbi walk into a bar

OK…it wasn’t a real joke!


At this point you’d predict that it would be Emma who would later not feel so well 🙂


Dancing in the….aisle


“the plane”

Bride, Bride, Panettone

The ShootBooth helped refocus the early evening

The Dazzler on the ShootBoth

Gangham style!

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