Clare and Jon – Tithe Barn Wedding Photography

It was finally time to open my account at Tithe Barn near Ditcham.  It was rather cold the last time I was there.  But for Clare and Jon it was a completely different story.  Sunny and warm (well, warm relatively for this summer).  The trees were in full bloom and so were Clare and Jon.  Thankfully Jon was no where near a naval ship for the wedding.  Up until about a week before the wedding I had only ever met Clare.  He was either out at sea, stuck at sea or sailing the sea.  Given how dashing he looked in his dress blues (is that what you lot call them over here) I’ll forgive him 🙂

Tithe Barn is looking as lovely as ever.  Being tucked away in the countryside in Hampshire on the edge of West Sussex its remarkably connected with travel and accommodation in nearby Petersfield.  If it sounds like I’m plugging Tithe Barn then believe me…I am.  I’ve been working there for years and I think its one of the best venues in the county, the south and the country.  I’m fortunate to be recommended there and I love it.

It was great to see so many folks over from New Zealand.  Clare is a Kiwi and knows a few things about radars apparently.  Who knew love could blossom from military defense apparatus.  I’m resisting any veiled references to “love” and “on the radar” but its hard.  So forgive me.  It was so wonderful being part of their day.  Thanks for having me!  There will be more images…in fact you can see some by following the link at the end of this blog post.  Happy reading!

Lift off

Who had curry for dinner?


3 way

Wow…I really need a new shooting face

Jon picked an odd time to ask about the Pay and Display

iPad wizard

Vulcan Jenga control wins … yet again!

Apparently he’s not only and Officer…but a Gentleman as well – 2 for 1


Honest Guv…I thought she said photo bomb, he didn’t know what it was, I demonstrated…seriously.  It all got out of hand!

The little house was truly “on the prairie”

At sea…well…20 miles north

Good times

One of Darren’s…its a bit odd as I think it was a case of “let’s all laugh at the same time”…but I can’t be sure

Change En Vogue’s “Whatta Man” to “Whatta Cake” — you can thank more for planting that song in your head later


As promised, here is a link to my Facebook Business Page of more images from Clare and Jon’s Tithe Barn Wedding.

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