Bride and Groom with smokebombs on a country lane

In the summer of 2019 perhaps one of the biggest ‘trends’ were smoke bombs in wedding photography.  Combine that with an avid airsoft enthusiast in Alex and ‘boom’ (pun intended) you have a recipe for something new (to me at least).  Alex and Charley went for pink and blue.  I’m sure you can work out which was for the Bridesmaid and which for the Groomsmen (Groomswoman).

Alex and the Boys (+ girl) went down a very different path.  Short sleeves and bow ties were both a treat to look at but also suited the warm August sunshine at Gate Street Barn.

The smoke bomb experience was unique.  Wrestling with how the clouds have a mind of their own was challenging but also exceedingly rewarding once it went ‘my way’.  I enjoyed it enough to purchase a few of my own but I will admit I still have a few in the cupboard.  I learned quickly how the slightest bit of wind causes havoc on the exercise.  This is England after all.

Turn up the sound and enjoy this short slideshow of Alex and Charley’s fantastic summer day at Gate Street Barn.