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OJ and Tony - A Secret Garden Wedding in Wiltshire at Larmer Tree

Secret Garden Wedding Meet OJ (or Olwen) and Tony. This is a wedding that's a little bit different to what we normally see here. This is a 'secret' garden wedding at the amazing Larmer Tree Gardens in Wiltshire. OJ and Tony had a vision. A very clear vision as to what they were hoping for. Take a venue like Larmer Tree which is perfectly suitable for 100 guests and make it feel more intimate, almost a secret, perfect for say 13 guests. Get married...

Beth and Stefan - Larmer Tree Wedding Photography

Patience is a wonderful thing!  Because of it I can track back a few weddings (quite a few weddings actually) to bring you Beth and Stefan at Larmer Tree Gardens, Wiltshire.  You see, for a lot of reasons all too boring to talk about here I missed blogging a few weddings over the last couple of years.  Whilst they did get a great selection of images on my Facebook Business Page, I never go to do my thing 'blogstyle'.  Then a few weeks ago I saw...

Bethan and Stefan - Larmer Tree Gardens Wedding Photography

Good golly Ms Molly. The day that Pope became King. A clever play on the Bride's maiden name and her new surname. This was always going to be a super wedding. Unquestionably so. When I woke to find a dull sky and a wet mist I was a little disappointed. With the afternoon and evening destined to be at Larmer Tree Gardens I wondered how the day would go in the rain. My fears were slowly dismissed as the rain stopped, skies brightened and the sun...