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Southdowns Manor Wedding Photographer - Carol and Rob

A very long time ago I shot a wedding, one of my first, of a couple named Robin and Carol. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Just starting out, loads of balloons, a scrap between guests. I had a great time. So when I was first on my way to meet Carol and Robin I had a firm view of what these two were going to look like. Surprisingly they weren't in their 60s and from that a whole new idea of what Carol and Robin means has...

Carol and Rob - Southdowns Manor in West Sussex

Hampshire and Sussex Wedding PhotographerThis wedding goes across county lines. This would prove to be in no way as controversial as it always seemed to be in The Dukes of Hazzard. I'm showing my age. I started with Carol, the Bridesmaids and her Parents at home near Portsmouth. I largely relaxed affair with lots of laughs and even a code word .. 'aubergine'. It's not important. Meanwhile, in Buriton, my Darren for the day, Sophie, was busy...

Charlie and Eddie - Sheet Church and Southdowns Manor

Wedding Photography in Sheet and Southdowns ManorCharlie and Eddie. You rarely meet two people who just make you smile before you've said a single world to them. They beam with happiness and pleasantly infect you with it too. I met them at the church a few weeks before. I was hooked. This meant that on the day I knew what to expect from them. But what of their guests and family. I've been at this long enough to enough that the "vibe" for a...