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Jenna and James - Hampton Court House Wedding

Surrey Wedding Photography If you've followed me for a while you'll know my love for Hampton Court House. Its boutique, chic, kitsch and amazing. I've loved every wedding I've ever shot there and this one is no different. I met up with Jenna and her crew at a local hotel to see the transformation from awesome to amazing. Darren met James and the guys at the church just down the road. The big question was...will it rain. I'm pleased to say that it...

Gordon and Mandy's Spring Wedding at Hampton Court House

The more things change the more they stay the same. With what seems like more and more wedding venues opening their doors to the public there are still a few that simply can't be beat. Classics that provide an amazing location, fantastic light (its all about the light people), some seriously great 'quirk' and red walls. Yes, I'm talking all about Hampton Court House. By day its a private school. But on the weekends and holidays its one of the...

Nikki and Ross - Tedding and Hampton Court House

A whopping day in a whopping place. Navigating Outer London is fun and the best of times. I won't say I'm a Tom Tom of the Richmond / Hampton Court / Teddington area. But that's why I have a real Tom Tom. Seems to make sense until for whatever reason your SatNav decides that no roads in the area are passable. I wonder if it was a glich that went back to the Olympic Cycle race. As a result I had to feel my way to the church in Teddington and...

Francesca and Mike's Hampton Court House Wedding

Knickers. Vintage knickers. Pussy cats wearing vintage knickers. It's all a sign. A sign of what I'm not sure. A sign that perhaps that this must be Francesca and Mike's wedding at Hampton Court House. Easily one of the coolest venues around for easily some of the coolest clients a wedding photographer can have. We're talking a Hall and Oates song and dance routine with marching bands and an animated bird cool (if you've never seen '500 Days...

Hampton Court House Wedding Photography - Stephanie and Tim

May seems to be the start of Hampton Court House season. Nothing like a spring wedding at this wonderful Surrey venue. I has some of the most interesting architecture and wonderful grounds. Not to mention perhaps the best ceremony room in all of Surrey. Lovely warm light bathes the Bride and Groom as well as the guests. Its truly one of the best, yet best kept secrets around. Stephanie and Tim capitalised on this and held a wonderful English...