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Jennie and James' Spring Wedding in Hayes and The Warren

I love a good recommendation. The really 'good' ones come from someone you don't know through a route you never expected (and ultimately the couple can't recall either). That's karma right there. I'll take all the good karma I can get. I arrived with Jennie and the girls during nap time for Max (Jennie and James' son). I was keen to meet this little guy after seeing how so much around me was influenced by him. He didn't disappoint. Super cute...

Rachel and Thomas - London and Bromley Wedding Photography

Rachel and Thomas were another of 2011's referral clients. Coming to be thanks to Jess and Bob, I'm always really pleased to work for folks who already know how it all works. It is, in part, a validation to what you do. The fact that someone sees your wedding photography and not only likes it but wants it for themselves is a great reward. Rachel and Thomas (or Tom as I called him) were married at Pioneer Place, a Jehovah's Witness venue. I'm...