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Angela and Rob - Spitbank Fort Wedding Photography

How do you introduce one of the world's most amazing venues?  Do you wax lyrical about how unique it is?  Perhaps mention the ways in which its something you can only see to believe?  I am the first to admit that a venue doesn't make a wedding.  It's the people and how they 'engage' that create the magic.  Even at Spitbank Fort this its true.  However, you have admit that this location can go a long way into "priming" guests to engage.  It all...

Angela and Rob's Amazing Wedding on Spitbank Fort

Wow. Can I say that again. WOW! It's hard to believe that a three letter word can say so much. But let say. WOW! I've always said location has only a small part to play in a fantastic wedding. Its the people, their connection, the feelings and love, that make a wedding. The spirit that comes from the couple, the love of their friends and family. This is the key to an amazing wedding. It means that no matter where you have it, its going to...