Best of Wedding Photography 2013 – Great Light

Its that time of year.  The TV is full of the year in review shows.  From news events to movies to radio chart shows its seems that once Christmas is behind us the lull up to New Year has to be filled with looking back before looking forward.  This year I’ve decided to join the growing trend.  If you can’t beat them, join them, as the adage goes.

Its been a tremendous year.  The hot summer made many a Bride happy (and with some spectacularly sunny weather a few very worried photographers).  I’ve traveled from Hampshire to Dorset, Caerphilly, Crewe and London.  As well as my usual haunts in Gate Street Barn, Tithe Barn and Bury Court Barn I’ve also visited some wonderful new venues as well.

When I set out on this task I started with well over 600 images.  I realised very quickly that I couldn’t do it all in one go.  So I’ve developed categories.  They are:  great light, details, dancing, sweet emotion, details, formals, portraits, funny and outside the box.  My first installment is on ‘great light’.

As a photographer, seeing light is essential.  I’m amazed at how few professionals seem to do it.  Its not just light that comes from the ball in the sky but any time you can find light that helps accentuate or sculpt a subject.  I hope you take some time to see what I saw in each of these photos and enjoy.  Oh…and don’t forget to visit again soon for the next chapter.













































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