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Their Favourites - Nicola and Dan at The Walled Gardens at Cowdray

You ask someone... "Give my 3 of your favourite images" and I suspect they think "wow...just three...how can I do that?".  I think Nicola has the answer.  You don't.  You pick 8 and then reckon you could probably pick 50 more but that might be pushing it.  To be fair I would have been happy with that. This is a few favourites from Nicola and Dan's wedding at the Walled Gardens at Cowdray.  A stunning location with so many beautiful flowers...

Nicola and Dan - The Walled Gardens at Cowdray Park

Sussex Wedding Photography After a summer that had so far been a scorcher the winds picked up and the rain moved in. I often tell my couples that in all the weddings I've shot (nearly 500) there has only be 4 days of solid rain. Well, after last week and this week I can up that 6. But rain doesn't need to be a nemesis. You have to look to what makes these days unique. Whilst the The Walled Gardens are beautiful (and were in wonderful bloom)...