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Sally and Anthony at the RAC Club, Epsom

Its time to get in the Delorean and head back in time.  Where we're going we DO need roads.  Thankfully so considering the venue where Sally and Anthony eventually arrived after the ceremony.  Yes, the RAC Club itself. We are, in fact, back in September of 2012.  The sun shined...a bit...and the rain did fall.  But both really had little to do with the wonderful day Sally and Anthony had planned.  I started at Sally's parents house with a wide...

Sally and Anthony at The RAC Club, Epsom

Here I thought Walton and Walton on the Hill would be next to each other. How very wrong I was. I have to admit I thought my SatNav had gone dullaly when I started heading anti clockwise on the M25 from the A3. But believe it...its true. They are practically no where near each other. Funny that. What I did find was an amazing country village depsite being INSIDE the M25. Home to Sally's family and the start of the beautiful wedding. From the...