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Skinners Hall - London - Eleanor and Tim

Winding back the hands of time again.  But for this, we have a reason.  Not because its an anniversary of their wedding.  Or that I'm returning to Skinners Hall.  No.  The real reason is because Eleanor and Tim will be guests at a wedding I'm shooting at the weekend.  This is, without doubt, one of the best bits of being wedding photographer.  To arrive at a wedding knowing you'll already have some familiar faces in the crowd.  A few folks...

Eleanor and Tim - Dulwich and Skinners Hall, London Wedding

Wow. What a day. I always a little nervous about London weddings. Not that I'm fearful of London, quite the contrary. But the transport, the getting from A to B, the commotion of it all; it can be a bit much in the score of trying to deliver amazing wedding images. Travel to Dulwich was simple and I had time to spare. First hurdle taken with great ease. Wandering around Eleanors parents house with free access is a wonderful feeling. But...