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Wonderful Feedback from Zara and Stuart at Careys Manor

Another great day in the feedback department.  This time its from Zara and Stuart at Careys Manor in the New Forest.  It had been a while since I had a New Forest wedding and I was really keen to get back to one of Britain's most interesting landscapes.  I know the Lake District is amazing and that the Cairngorms breathtaking.  But the New Forest is understated.  Elegant even.  Since there was a bit of an issue on the M27 I even came in via...

Zara and Stuart - Hampshire and New Forest Wedding Photography - Careys Manor

New Forest Wedding PhotographyThis was a set your alarm kind of wedding. A 9:15am start in the New Forest on a spring Saturday means an early rise for everyone involved. With an 11am ceremony its was all about structuring their day and for that, they did a superb job. Relaxed was the vibe and relaxed they were. I met with Zara and the girls (amongst others) at a farm house near Lymington. This was organised perfectly. Right up to the point...