Sunshine prevailed on a summer’s day at Gate Street Barn. Given the number of kilts I preferred the sun to any moon action. Thanksfully that meme never made it out. Classy gentlemen…thank you.

This is Becca and Andy in the summer of 2018. The scorcher that kept on giving.

A very different experience for me despite the reception being a Gate Street Barn. Being recommended at the barn has its perks. The most obvious one being the fact that I pretty much know what to expect from every situation. Weather, season, order etc. But today was a little different.

Becca and the girls got ready in the Bride’s Room at the Barn. Nothing out of the ordinary there. But instead of getting married there, we all (her parents, the Bridesmaids and me) climbed aboard a vintage double decker bus and made our way back to Bramley to Holy Trinity Church. It’s not often I get to ride along for the final moments before the ceremony. So this was a good insight into the nerves that a Bride goes through.

In a weird stroke of luck other family were delayed in getting to Holy Trinity which gave me a chance to photograph the nerves equally shared by Andy as this was a solo day for me.

My access to photos during the ceremony was severely restricted but I did manage a few in silent mode which at least gave them some visual memories of the moments included.

Back at Gate Street Barn it was El Scorchio protocol with guests seeking shelter under the shade admiring the incredibly gorgeous rural view of the Surrey Hills. Given the Scottish connection there was a handy supply of both Brew Dog and Irn-Bru. Love a good Scots wedding.

With the light and heat it made sense to take Becca and Andy out after dinner to enjoy the warm light that was much better positioned in the summer sky. This gave us some fantastic opportunities that would have otherwise been missed in the heat of the day.

The evening rounded off with a ceihli (aka traditional Scottish dancing) and that always makes for some interesting photos. Safe to say I got a little more than bargained for.