Jess and James - Gate Street Barn Wedding Photography June 2016

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Jess and James

All you need is love. (dum-de-dud-e-dum) Ain't that the truth. If Carlsburg did weddings. Wow. Some days in your career never leave you. This is one of those days. I've ALWAYS said that weddings are not about locations, or seasons, or weather, or gimmicks. It's about one thing. PEOPLE! That's what made this wedding so special. So amazing. So true. I never really know what a day is going to be like when I arrive. I have to get my feet under the desk and wait to see where it all goes. It was an instant connection. A warmth. A feeling that I was a part of their day. It never dipped from there. A couple who totally adore each other. A family that gives them their total support. Friends who laugh and love. I got to be there. To see it and be a part of it. I'm truly blessed. Blessed to see their day from the inside and blessed to work in a place like Gate Street Barn. A final note of thanks to my fellow suppliers who I love to work with. DJ services by Chess Disco and Catering by Tandem.