Claire and Jon - September Wedding at Gate Street Barn September

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Claire and Jon

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"I feel the need, the need for?" If you can complete this then we can be friends. Yes. SPEED! Not that this was a fast wedding. But it was a wedding that had a few 'nods' to one of my favourite films of all time. Yep. Get out the baby oil and the volleyball, It's 'Top Gun'. Let's be clear. Jon didn't arrive on a motorbike or spend the ceremony flicking his pencil. Claire didn't lecture anyone about closing speeds of a Russian MIG. But to hear the tinkering rumbling music before the first plan takes off from the carrier on loop sent chills down my spine. Claire walked down the aisle to a great version of 'Take My Breath Away' and the table names were all call signs from the movie. Naturally, the top table was Maverick. All these incredible references to my own teenager-dom aside this was a fantastic day at Gate Street Barn with two amazing people. Calm, gentle and open. We had met a few times even taking in a short engagement shoot. So they were both ready for what I was about and vice versa. It was another stellar day at the barn with catering by Tandem, flowers by Gill Pike and the Patrick from Chess DJs too. A great bunch of folks to work with. Thanks for having me there guys! If you're wondering what the link to Top Gun is. Well, Jon is a pilot. Apparently he is writing cheques his body can cash!

(no Goose were harmed in the making of this wedding)